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Designed To Protect

 2 front caliper brakes gives the shortest braking/stopping distance

Smart Cycling

Strong And Balance

2 wheels at the front for high stability while riding on uneven terrain 

Comfortable for high performances

carrier platform at the front for high visibility of goods/produce

Durable And Effective

ability to carry more goods (upto 150kg) than previously could be carried using headloading technique.

Carry More, Go More, Do More

Our IMUS™ model tricycles are low-cost human-powered steel cargo tadpole (2 wheels at the front, 1 wheel at the back) tricycle that is front loaded. They are designed for the rough African terrain, with a low floor giving a low center of gravity, thereby giving high stability and ease of use compared to a traditional 2-wheeled bicycle. With our IMUS™ cargo tricycle, goods of upto 150kg can be transported effortlessly using cycling power, with no fuel need to propel.

High quality stems

From Superior Materials

Advanced fit systems provide the perfect adjustment, in every direction, to match every
individual head shape.

Product - features

Designed To Serve Your Farm Needs

Zero-fuel consumption

It has important environmental benefits, too. Less aggressive driving styles and thus produce fewer greenhouse gas.

Low maintenance

Low maintenance increases productivity by reducing the amount of reactive work and increasing the ability of management to manage work.

Highly durable

Ability To Withstand Heavy-duty Use​​ One of its key benefits. And its ability to stand by you through thick and thin.

No license Needed

No license or paper work is required or needed from the operator to effectively use the machine.

Easy to use

No manual is or special skills are required for operations as it is very easy to use and operate.

Very affordable

It helps reduce cost and expense as this product is very cheap, affordable and accessible please use our contact box for more information.

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